Yuck! Issue 6


Writer/Artist: Various

Pages: 40

Format: B/W A5 Mini-Comic


Scaryminds Review

Our fattest issue yet at 40 pages! And the usual beautiful colour covers too!

How long can this diseased World keep on kicking? Well, certainly long enough to spawn some more ‘funnies’ in the form of Yuck! Comics! Forget everything that them stupid schools taught ya!

Just get in here and have your mind blown sky high by slime, Mr. Slime that is…
We’ve got art in this one by disgusting people such as Michael Aushenker, Ben Hutchings, Luke Pickett, Johanson Rezende, Jacek Zabawa, David Degrand, Lark, J Marc Schmidt, Dexter Cockburn, Kapreles, Frank Candiloro and James Andre.

Suitable for over 18’s only!

Price: $1.00