Mr Unpronounceable Adventures



Pages: 218

Format: B/W Softcover

Edition: First Edition

ISBN: 978-0-9872119-7-2


Winner – 2014 Bronze Ledger Award

Finalist - 2012 Aurealis Award for Best Illustrated Book or Graphic Novel

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Welcome to The City Of The Ever Open Eye. A dreamworld metropolis of surreal wonder and dark nightmare. Nestled between the scorched wastes of The Endless Plain and the rolling expanse of The Hundred Year Ocean stands The City, eternal and yet ever changing. Through its labyrinthine alleys and dusty plazas stumbles Mr Unpronounceable.

Seeker of secrets. Homeless necromancer. Madman.

Join our hero as he lurches, sweating and delirious, from one horrifically comedic nightmare to the next. Collected here for the first time are the complete adventures of Mr Unpronounceable, freshly squeezed from the feverish pen of psychedelic artist, Tim Molloy. So grab your Shrivelled Homunculus, ingest that alien hallucinogen, and delve into the feverish brain of Mr Unpronounceable.

The squirming secrets of the aching void await you!


Price: $23.95